AI Generated Human Centred Understanding of Extreme Weather Events

The system is an AI enabled Human Centred Evidential System to increase awareness, build trust, enable targeted accountability at the granularity of local reporting with planetary scale. This system helps change the architecture of the conversation by proving the textual evidentiary support that can feed into the “Loss and Damage” discussion, help build trust in understanding events for financial institutions to build innovative products, to empower the donor community to target their support much more locally, etc.
By having these planetary scale maps and we can build trust to see the momentum what is happening when and where, and use a breakthrough Al capability to be a platform for breakthrough climate action.

Global News View

1/4 Billion URLs processed each day


Translating 16 languages for better global coverage


Natural Language Processing at planetary scale: parsing, de-duplication, NER, classification, etc.

Location API

1/4 M unique places in a knowledge graph with 1M+ alternative names

Human Timelines

Extract events within human timelines and human scale

AI Event Matching

Detects approx. 125K events per year evaluation based on certainty, severity, etc.